Meet Slava — extremely motivated junior architect.
Character design for studio Adept

Isolation chronicles for Bang!Bang

Barista for Scent of Coffee
Art-direction by Adept

Illustrations for Car Check Service for

Juicy animation for Naked Smoothie Russia

Illustration tests for the 5th birthsday of Park by Osipchuk studio

Matreshka for 33 words of design movie

Illustrations for the book Заметки фасилитатора by Mark Rozin
at the comission of Bang!Bang! Studio

Animated characters for New York based local initiative Retail Project.
Art-direction by Adept

Educational posters for Saint-Petersburg based shop for kids — Ptenci

Character design and slightly animated illustrations for the real explorer's website –
29 production

Illustrated News for Viuga Bureau.

Illustration for the play Soul for a Doll by Teatrul B.P. Hasdeu

My Grandfather's Eye – the drawn story for the application
for Boomfest International Comics Festival


Flipbook dedicated to New Year 2015.
Check the flipbook flipping on Vimeo