organic utility is a multidisciplinary project, based on the study of freedom, control and the impact of human beings on each other and on the environment.
Set of ceramic objects is the core element of the project. But organic utility developed and widened through other mediums (photo, 3D-animation, merch) by self-organised group of artists from factura furniture (Stas Iuzin, Danil Surma) and cotton creative production (Pavel Lukianov, Daria Nikitina, Max Svelkolsky, Olya Ogoneva, Katya Strucenko, Ksenia Bunina, Anna Rudaya).


Part of the set of ceramic objects is represented in online gallery OBDN.

WöD Graffikkabinet, Saint Petersburg 18/08/2022 — 30/11/2022

G8 fest, shortlist